The Springpad app has been around for some time now, in fact, it was way back in February of 2011 when they announced they had topped the 1 million user milestone. Amount of users aside though, the folks at Springpad have returned with another announcement that should make another group of users happy — those with an Android tablet.

Simply put, the latest Springpad for Android app update has brought support for Android tablets. This update has taken the app to version 3.2.6 where it remains available for free and with support for devices running Android 2.1 or later. Though, a note on the device support, the tablet support requires Android 3.1 or later.


Those using Springpad on a tablet for the first time can expect to be able to do things such as collaborate with others, or layout images, links and products for a design project, use labels to separate boards and also add maps to boards to see location-based items such as restaurants. Also worth noting, one of the perks that had existed with Springpad is the ease of access. You can use Springpad on your tablet and smartphone as well as on the web and even with Chrome and/or Firefox extensions.

Aside from the tablet support and the new features associated with that, Springpad also received a few fixes and improvements. The changelog for this update notes that syncing with web, scroll performance and app speed have been improved. The fixes include those dealing with issues that Jelly Bean and Android 2.1 users were having as well as a fix for the issue that was preventing the widget from displaying item thumbnails. As always, you can grab the update from the Google Play Store.