Don’t have a 360-degree camera? Well, creating content for virtual reality (VR) has gotten so much easier these days. Google is giving you one more app to create quirky 360-degree, VR-ish content – welcome the Sprayscape app. The app allows you to create images that can be viewed either by phone or – for a more immersive view – a VR headset.

The Sprayscape app was developed by the Google Creative Lab to give you a quick and quirky way of creating 360-degree image content. The app uses your phone’s gyroscope – so yes, your phone has to have one for you to use this – and camera to give people “scapes” that you choose from your environment. Allow the video below to show you what the app does.

This is how the app works: you point your phone and tap the screen to activate the camera – allowing you to “spray” faces, places, or anything else onto your 360-degree canvas. If you like what you’ve captured, the app will allow you to share your creations via a link on social media with friends. From there, people can jump into your “scapes” and have a look around using their phones or even a VR headset for a better immersive experience.


Sounds cool right? Of course, you will discover that some scapes – whether by sentimental closeness to the content or just by the plain awesomeness of the environment shot – will be more immersive than others. Try it today via the download link below.

SOURCE: Google
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