Google Assistant Google Home

The Google Assistant can do a lot of things. The list is long but if you are a frequent user of Google’s smart assistant, you know most of them. You may also agree that more routines can still be added. The more people use it, the more routines and tasks can be imagined for more devices, more services, and more platforms. Perhaps one of the most used today is for music playback. Say “Hey Google, play this or that” and the Google Assistant will start blasting off your favorite music whether on your smartphone or other smart device.

At the moment, the Google Assistant is compatible with popular media players like YouTube Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Deezer, and Spotify. Those music streaming apps are supported by a few approved speakers and services.

The features and functions are limited but we can expect changes soon. For one, when you check the Google Assistant’s settings, you will see a new Podcasts section. Google Podcast was previously the default but now, Spotify has been added.

This means good news for those who prefer Spotify. It is the first third-party app to be supported. It doesn’t matter if you have a free or premium account, Spotify will work. It should work but unfortunately, there have been reports of it not working properly. It’s not clear why or how but the feature is available, at least, to some users.

You can try and see for yourself. After Spotify, we’re crossing our fingers other third-party providers or apps will be supported as well. Let us know if you are able to set Spotify for your podcast.