Spotify has something in store for its Android users which it is now unveiling today. The upcoming update will bring a fresh, slick new look to the mobile app as well as a new area in the menu called Your Music.

It’s hard to define what Your Music is because it is so obviously simple. It is, as Spotify puts it, your music, a place where you store your playlists, songs, albums, and artists that you’ve accumulated during your sojourn in Spotify. Adding to that collection is quite simple. Whenever you’re browsing for albums or songs, you will be given a button to save them to Your Music collection. Spotify also mention a few improvements to the Browse feature to make searching for those much easier.


Perhaps more visible to users is the new dark theme that Spotify is also bringing in with the update. Although it technically doesn’t add any new feature, the new iconography and typography aims to give the app a more pleasing appearance, which could very well improve the overall user experience.

According to Spotify, the update to the Android app has started rolling out to users now. However, as always, updates like this happen in staggered waves, so not all users might have had the pleasure of receiving the new features just yet.

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