A few months earlier, we saw a renowned reverse engineer post on her Twitter feed that Spotify is coming up with a Follow Feed. It looks like the music streaming service is randomly rolling out this feature to some users to make it easier to follow their favorite artists’ new releases and also discover new artists based on their previous listening habits. The feed is a continuation of the new mobile UI that they have recently released that makes it easier to listen to music and podcasts.

Noted tipster Jane Manchun Wong posted in early March that she spotted Spotify working on a Follow Feed so it’s not surprising that we’re finally getting a look at it now. The feed basically lists down the new releases of artists that you already followed on the app. Aside from giving you the things you will probably love, it also suggests some new artists that are based on the artists you’ve liked.

Based on what we’ve seen so far from XDA Developers, the Follow Feed is accessible on your home page. You’ll see a lightning icon on the upper right corner, next to the settings cog. Tapping on the icon will bring you to the Follow Feed where you can see all the latest release and the artist suggestions as well. If you’re dong exploring that, just tap on the arrow at the top to go back to your home feed.

The new mobile UI that they recently launched gave a new layout for your home screen which is actually easier and more intuitive. There is also a universal Shuffle Play button, a new Action row, the six most listened to playlists and podcasts at the top, among other things. This seems to be a continuation of the improvements they’re making on the mobile app and so you can expect even more new features in the future.

It may be a server-side update rolling out to random users globally so there’s no way to force it if you’re not yet included. It’s supposedly available in version but it’s not showing up for some users that are already on that version.


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