Canadians don’t need to envy most of the world now, at least when it comes to enjoying one of the biggest music streaming services currently on the market. Spotify has now finally been made available in the North American country, although we still don’t know why it’s taken them this long and why other countries were chosen first over the US’ nearest neighbour.

But nevertheless, Canada will now be able to see what the fuss is all about. Aside from the web service, they will also be able to have the app in their smartphones and tablets, with some smartwatches also able to stream from the mobile devices (although there’s no official smartwatch app yet). They will be able to access over 20 million songs in the library, create their own playlists and libraries, share songs, artists and albums that they like on their social networks and to their Spotify community.

Spotify also says they have tailor-made this for Canadian listeners. They have added a comprehensive Canadian music catalogue, including a “comprehensive Quebecois library.” The audio quality available for the songs in Spotify is pretty great at up to 320kbps. This means if you have good Internet connection, you’ll be able to listen seamlessly to all the music that you want.

Spotify is free, but comes of course with ads from their local partners, like in Canada that would be Diet Coke, Honda Canada, Heineken, Subway and TD. But if you want to remove those ads and enjoy other features like even better audio quality and listening offline to songs that you download, you need to shell out $10 CAD every month.

SOURCE: Spotify
VIA: SlashGear