When smartwatches and wearables came on the scene, listening to music on your mobile devices became even easier. Not that you’d listen to music directly from something on your wrist, mind you. But controlling the music without touching your smartphone saves you a few minutes and several movements as well. One of the most popular (yet controversial) music streaming services will be arriving soon to your wearables. Welcome Spotify to the (apparently 4,000-app strong) world of Android Wear.

Spotify made the announcement on their website today that smartwatches running on Google’s wearable platform will be able to play the service’s more than 30 million songs. Not much details have been released so far, but they did say that you will be able to “seamlessly browse and play music on the go” from your smartwatch. Now we don’t know how that will truly look like on a small screen, except for the single image that they’ve provided for us, which just shows the Playlists, Songs, and Albums tab, plus a sample of how the playlists cover will look like.

We assume too that you’ll be able to control playing, pausing, stopping and forwarding/rewinding the music from the Spotify app. As to what other functions will be available for the Android Wear version, we’ll have to wait until we get to see it or even a preview of it for our smartwatches. Spotify may have lost some users due to some artists pulling out or record labels criticizing their payment policy, but it still is one of the most popular music streaming services.

So if you have an LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, Moto 360, LG G Watch R, Sony Smartwatch R, and Asus Zenwatch, watch out for the arrival of Spotify on Android Wear. They say roll out will begin this June.

SOURCE: Spotify