When you finally arrive in the second-most populous country in the world, you better have a lot of special localized features that would appeal to that specific population. After a protracted absence from India, Spotify has finally made its way to the South Asian nation. And aside from all the usual features that music lovers love about the music streaming service, they have also come up with new and exclusive features that music lovers from India would appreciate and enjoy.

One of the unique things about India is that there are a lot of people who speak several local languages and so it’s just apt that users can select what their preferred language or languages are. They can choose Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu to show up on their Daily Mix, Home, Radio, and Search results and recommendations. You also get playlists specifically for their market that have been curated by Indian music excerpts.

Since India is the land of movies, Spotify is also introducing a series of playlists that feature music from the most popular Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood movies and also Punjabi actors. You can also find out what’s popular in specific cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Banglaru, and Chennai. It uses an algorithmic playlist tracking to do so.

What’s also interesting is that their Spotify Free has “full control”, meaning they can play every song on demand. Previously, there were some songs that are only available for premium users. We don’t know if this is a for India only thing or if it would eventually roll out to other regions as well.

If you’re in India now, try out Spotify and see if it’s to your musical taste. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store and if you want to subscribe to the premium version, they make it easy for you of course.

SOURCE: Spotify