We have a feeling that some of you like Spotify just as much as we do, because today the company announced a rather big milestone for the music streaming service. Today Spotify CEO Daniel Ek announced that the service has 1 million paid subscribers in the US, which is a pretty big achievement. It gets even better though, as Ek also said that there are 5 million paid subscribers worldwide.

It would seem that Spotify has taken off in a big way, as those numbers mean that Spotify has doubled its paid userbase in just one year. That certainly isn’t anything to scoff at, and we can imagine that things will keep getting better for the service for some time to come. When everything has been added up, Spotify says that it has a total of 20 million users across 17 different markets, and those users have created more than one billion playlists.

Of course, Spotify is bringing in money from each and every user, since those who are using the service for free hear advertisements occasionally between songs. It seems that Spotify has been good for artists too, as Ek said today that the company has paid out more than $500 million to the people who make the music. This seems to be a case where everyone wins in one way or another, which is great.

Since Spotify offers so much music, you might be thinking that most of it never gets played by users. Actually, the contrary appears to be true, as Ek says that 80 percent of Spotify’s catalog has been streamed. Spotify is available on the Google Play Store [download link] as well as a number of other platforms, so if you haven’t given it a spin, it might be worth checking out. Are you one of Spotify’s millions of users, or haven’t you tried it out yet?

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