Spotify has something special to offer US college students. Starting today, any verifiable student in the US will be able to get Spotify’s Premium service for $4.99/month. This sets the music service ahead of other streaming offerings for students, at least in regard to pricing.

The half-off offer is good for 12 months, at which time Spotify notes students will automatically be enrolled in their premium plan. The odd twist here is that Spotify notes the 12-month can be extended if students “activate another Student Discount Offer.” Does that mean students have to simply re-enroll in the program, or that Spotify is offering new programs annually in which the pricing may change?

As for verification, Spotify will use SheerID. The service takes things like your name, date of birth, and university info. It’s a stopgap from anybody entering their old .edu email to get a deal Spotify also says they are offering this “while supplies last”, noting a “limited number” of discounts available to students. We’re not sure if they’re protecting themselves from an onslaught of subscriptions, or just creating a feeding frenzy.

Either way, it’s a pretty good deal for Spotfiy customers who are students. It’s especially handy for new Spotify customers who need to push through a long night of studying or, you know, whatever you do in college.