Car view for Android Spotify

Spotify makes changes to almost all app versions regularly. Just last month, the music streaming set was said to let users import own Android phone music. That’s after those free Spotify users were allowed to use Spotify Connect. Spotify family plan has been to the Google Home Mini while a Spotify Premium update streamlined artist radio, navigation, and search. For Wear OS smartwatch owners, a stand-alone Spotify app was also added. Today, we’re learning car view is now available on Spotify for Android.

Spotify for Android users shows a less complicated Now Playing view. If you use Spotify via Bluetooth in your vehicle, you can find the app more convenient to use.

As soon as you connect to Bluetooth, the Spotify car view is enabled. The system knows if a new device is connected before it plays audio.

Navigation is easier and you are free to get out of the car view quickly by clicking on the three-dot menu. Browse or search if you want to search ‘Your Library’. To skip some parts of an audio file or song, just use the seek bar.

The Car View also offers landscape mode. The update is only for Android but iOS users will get the same view soon.

SOURCE: Spotify