One of the most common things smartphone users do with their mobile phone is listening to music. There are a bunch of different apps and ways that users can listen to music on their Android smartphones, be it directly purchasing tunes from Google Play or using streaming apps. One of the apps that many Android users wanted for a long time was Spotify.

Spotify for Android hit the Google Place store in mid-June. The app offered full support for Android 4.0 and a slide out navigation pane. Another cool feature was a special “extreme” sound quality setting of 320 kbps. Spotify has now announced another new feature for Android users that will make many music fans happy.

As of today, Android users can now enjoy mobile radio on their smartphones. Spotify says, “A stellar radio experience on your Android is now just a click away.” Spotify Radio is free for those in the U.S but others have to be on Spotify Premium to enjoy the streaming radio service. The good news is if you aren’t on the premium service and want to try mobile radio, you can sign up for a free 30-day premium trial.

Using the new mobile radio feature, fans can create stations based on any artist, album, or playlist. Users can also set up unlimited stations in songs and listen to them for as long as you pay for a subscription. If you hear a song you like, you can save the song to your Spotify playlist. Users can also help make their own stations better using the thumbs-up or thumbs down votes to show if you like or dislike a song that’s playing.


  1. This is awesome! Tried it just now and it works a treat here in Sweden! =D Thank god I have a premium account, well worth the cost!


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