Google Home Mini Spotify Premium for Family

You may not admit it right now but Spotify has made life easier for you. Before you’d only settle on torrents or YouTube videos with ads but now, you rely on Spotify with Premium subscription for your audiophile needs. Less than two weeks ago, an update rolled out that streamlined navigation, better search, and artist radio. It also got a stand-alone app for Wear OS smartwatches. Spotify Premium for Students added Showtime subscription. Spotify also started checking if Family Plan users live in the same house.

More improvements will be added to Spotify in the coming months especially after Spotify Premium for Family receives the Google Home Mini as a new family member. Yes, for those of you who have the mini smart speaker, you can start enjoying talking to the Google Assistant and command it to control and manage the music streaming player.

The Spotify Premium for Family plan is ideal for the whole family whose every member is a music lover. With Google Home integration, it’s easier for them to enjoy music with a quick command.

The $14.99 monthly payment already includes the Google Home service. It can match up to six different voices so everyone in the family can speak.

Google Home recently worked with Disney to add music and special effects to kids’ storytime. Now with Spotify, kids and parents will have more enjoyable moments together.

You can get the Google Home Mini from Spotify for a limited time. The premium for Family plan master account holders can buy from HERE starting today, November 1.

Below is a list of the phrases the Google Assistant will respond to:

To start listening, just say:
“Hey Google, play Spotify”
“Hey Google, resume Spotify”
“Hey Google, shuffle some music”
“Hey Google, play my Discover Weekly”
“Hey Google, play Dinner Party music”
“Hey Google, play Study music”
“Hey Google, play Hip Hop music”
“Hey Google, play my favorite music”
“Hey Google, play ‘Angel by Lionel Richie”

When you’re in the zone, go:
“Hey Google, pause.”
“Hey Google, turn it up.”
“Hey Google, please quiet down.”
Hey Google, like this song.”
“Hey Google, dislike this song.”
“Hey Google, skip forward 20 seconds.”
“Hey Google, skip backward one minute.”

When you’re ready to discover more, try:
“Hey Google, play the next song.”
“Hey Google, what’s this song?”
“Hey Google, what’s this album?”
“Hey Google, when did this song come out?”
“Hey Google, what’s playing?
“Hey Google, who is this singer?”

SOURCE: Spotify