Could Spotify be looking to debut its own hardware? This is what’s circulating now as the company has been sighted to be posting job ads for a Sr. Product Manager for Hardware and a Product Manager for Voice. The latter post is still on the company website but the first one has since been pulled.  This tells us the popular music online streaming service may soon release a hardware and follow Snapchat who is now working on a device. Not much details have been published but the hardware could be a wearable.

Based on the job description of a Senior Product Manager for Hardware, the person would be working with a team to build Spotify experiences via fully-connected hardware devices. The goal is to “deliver hardware directly from Spotify”. There’s also a note there that the device is similar to the Amazon Echo, Pebble Watch, and Snap Spectacles. The job entails gathering of product requirements for the hardware and software and even work with suppliers.

The other job opening is for someone who would be more responsible for voice-enabled experiences. The person should be someone who could provide or help on content resolution, data protection, technology choices, as well as, voice input and feedback. Spotify even noted that “voice is quickly becoming a key interaction mechanism for control of digital devices and services” and so its importance is taken into consideration.

Right now, these are all speculations but we get that Spotify is serious with its future. A new hardware from the company is a huge step but at least we know the brand isn’t slacking in any way.

VIA: Zatz Not Funny