Spotify, the integrated online/offline music service, may soon be available in the U.S., according to CEO Daniel Ek. Ek was recently quoted by Billboard magazine.

“We’re in the final stages of setting up. Yesterday we signed a data center contract, which is huge for us. We’re making a huge investment in servers and all the infrastructure here in the U.S. So, we’re gearing up for a U.S. launch. I can’t say if it’s in a month’s time or two month’s time, but it’s looking pretty good.”

A CNET News piece from yesterday (Feb. 3) adds more details: citing “multiple record industry sources” who claim, “Spotify would like to announce a launch date at the South by Southwest conference on March 16.” The article goes on to state, however, that “Spotify has yet to acquire U.S. music rights from any of the four largest recording companies.”

Spotify is currently available in six European countries, as are its mobile apps for both iPhone and Android. Availability in the U.S. would be welcome news, indeed, for Android users.

[via Billboard, CNET]