When your own playlists just aren’t enough. That is exactly the situation for which Spotify’s new recommendation system, called Browse, is designed to address. Whatever your mood, whatever the time, whatever your situation, Browse will have the right playlist for you.

Spotify has been hard at work with its recommendation systems in its quest to help its users discover greater music. At first it relied on a simple social networking-based system for following other people, artists, and bands. Then it rolled out Discover which offered personalized suggestions using algorithms and data gathered through the years.

Now with Browse, Spotify is adding a human touch to its curation, to make sense of the thousands of playlists created by its users over the years. But instead of just relying only on algorithms, recommended playlists will be coming from different sources like your friends, Spotify’s own recommendations, and music experts. What you end up with are top recommendations not only for every genre, but also for every mood and every situation.


Browse will first be available on Android and iOS but will soon also appear on all of Spotify’s supported platforms. Spotify also hinted at a new Messages platform which is tipped to roll out next week, but first on its web player and only later for mobile.

VIA: The Verge


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