Even though you probably have your Spotify playing music and podcasts while you’re working, studying, reading, or just resting, with so much new content out there it’s easy to lose track of new releases. Now the music and podcast streaming giant will make it easier for users to keep up with new music releases and new podcast episodes, at least for the ones that you follow. An update to the mobile app will see a new What’s New feed so you can see in one place all the new releases from your followed artists and shows.

Spotify says there are more than 50,000 hours of content that is uploaded to their library every day. Wow, that is a lot of songs and podcasts to wade through. Well, you probably will not sort through all those thousands of hours of course but it’s still hard to keep up with what’s new. So this What’s New feed, which they will be updating in real-time, will be populated with new releases from all the artists that you follow on the platform and the new episodes of the podcasts that you subscribe to.

Once the update rolls out, users will see a new bell icon found at the top of the Home tab on the Spotify mobile app. There will be a blue dot that will tell you if there is new content since the last time you visited the feed. This new section will also have filters so you can sort new music releases or new podcast and show episodes which should make it easier for you rather than sort through both. Hopefully later on they will add more filters for easier sorting, especially if you follow a lot of artists and shows.

But if you notice that your content in the What’s New feed is looking a bit sparse or there are days or weeks before you see anything new, maybe that’s because you’re not following enough. So Spotify is encouraging people to follow more artists and podcasts. Head on over to artist and show pages and click on the Follow button so when they release new stuff, you’ll see it in the brand new What’s New feed.

What’s New will be available for all users globally on both Android and iOS devices. Roll out will be in the next few weeks so don’t panic yet if you’re not seeing it yet on your Spotify app.