Aside from actually listening to music and podcasts, one of the things that Spotify users enjoy is the app bringing them facts about their listening habits. Usually, that happens at the end of the year with Wrapped but this time around they’re bringing something in the middle of the year. Only You is a global campaign and in-app experience that celebrates not just how you listen on the app but also what may possibly be unique and weird things that you listen to and do in the app.

When you open your Spotify app, you’ll see a banner in the middle that invites you to enjoy the Only You in-app experience. It’s a series of cards formatted like a story where you get various interesting features that tell you about what you listen to and you’ll be able to share it on Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Twitter, SMS, or just copy the link and share it wherever you want. Your Audio Birth Chart tells you your Sun sign (artists you listened to the most in the last six months), your Moon sign (artists that show your emotional side), and your Rising sign that is an artist you’ve recently connected with.

There’s also a cute thing called Your Dream Dinner Party where you choose three artists that you’d like to have dinner with and it will create a personalized Spotify Mix for each of them. Your Artist Pairs meanwhile shows you your eclectic or unique taste by saying something like “Who else would play Taylor Swift after Toro Y Moi?” Your Song Year shows what different time periods you’ve traveled to musically while Your Time of Day tells you the music or podcast you listen to at a specific time of day.

Meanwhile, Blend is a new personalized feature still in beta that lets you merge your musical tastes with one friend in a curated playlist made for you. Go to Create Blend in the Made for You hub on your mobile device and tap “invite” to generate a unique link that you send to a friend through message or email. When they accept, you’ll get a custom tracklist based on songs you love and recommendations based on your preferences and tastes.

The Only You experience is now available on mobile devices and you’ll receive personalized playlists “as part of the Only You journey”. Blends is mobile-only and is available globally but is still in the beta phase.