Even as Clubhouse is reportedly struggling now to maintain its user base after finally releasing the Android app, it seems that digital brands are continuing to try and replicate its success. We’ve seen the likes of Twitter Spaces and Instagram Live and now another major player is joining the fray. Spotify has announced their new product called Greenroom, a live audio experience that is meant to attract artists and creatives into exploring this new offering and get paid for it if people are listening.

Spotify earlier this year acquired Betty Labs, the creators of Locker Room, a live audio system. They are building on this technology and renaming it into Spotify Greenroom “with creators and artists in mind”. Anyone who’s familiar with the way live audio streamers now work would be familiar as well. Users can join already existing groups that they want to listen in on and search for some of the upcoming rooms that you want to participate in. Once a live audio stream starts, you can join that particular room. You can also create your own room if you have something to say.

It’s the latter group that Spotify wants to focus on, those who want to create their own live audio streams. They are launching a Spotify Creator Fund which will help creators monetize their content the same way musicians get paid royalties on the platform. Payments will be based on how much content is made and how many people will listen to that content. Money will be distributed weekly and so changes in audience size will affect this.

Greenroom will also have some recording capabilities so on-demand content can be mixed or added to live conversations. They will also be adding new programming in sectors like music, culture, and entertainment, even as sports is the first existing content that they have. You will also get chat controls “to ensure the best possible experience. Things are still a bit vague right now and we’ll have a better understanding of how this all works when see more creators using the platform and more people joining in.

At launch, Spotify Greenroom will be available in more than 135 countries nationwide. You can use your Spotify log-in information to sign up. As for the creator fund, you can already sign up but payments will begin this summer for streamers that are in the U.S.