You probably play music while you’re commuting or walking home, but the moment you step into your door, you have to stop what you’re listening to and take a few minutes to continue the song onto your speakers. If your audio accessories at home are of the Sonos brand, then you won’t have that problem anymore. Through Spotify Connect, you’ll be able to seamlessly transition from your headphones to your house speakers and control what’ playing on them through your mobile device.

The moment you walk in your door and turn on the lights and speakers, you can open your Spotify Connect section and then choose which room you want the music to continue playing. Or you can even group your multiroom speakers and then choose the group to blast out the music. You can also change the playlist, adjust the volume, queue up your next songs, and basically just continue the Spotify party at your home.

And since it’s the holiday season and you probably have a lot of parties going on, you can also use Spotify Connect to share DJ-ing duties with your friends. You can take turns choosing your playlist or you can all build a playlist together. You can also choose whether to use the Spotify or Songs app to control the music playing on the speakers and switch between the two seamlessly.

To celebrate this new partnership, Sonos even had Danny Bowien, “a world-class chef and part-time rockstar” to create the Playlist Potluck on the Sonos app to show you what it’s like to spend an evening at his place and show how you can bring your friends over for a fun musical sharing time.

SOURCES: Spotify, Sonos