Slender Rising for Android

Since Halloween is just around the corner, let’s check out some of the latest and scariest mobile games right now. One horror game that’s been around on the iOS is Slender Rising. But good news, it’s finally available on Android, ready to scare millions of Android gamers.

The game has been tagged as the “the best horror game ever” you don’t want to play it at night. If you’re the type who’s into scary and horror movies, see for yourself how Slender Rising will spook the wits out of you.

The $2.99 Slender Rising game requires the player to investigate haunted places during the day and with Slenderman following you. If you choose to go at night, a flashlight will only be your companion. Because it’s one spooky game, expect to hear thunderstorms while you explore the haunted house with nightvision.

Slender Rising for Android

The intense horror atmosphere you’ll feel when playing the game is intensified with creepy music and terrifying sound effects. You’ll be too frightened you might drop your phone or tablet and not be able to finish the game. (But hey, you’re not really a scaredy cat, are you?

Slender Rising will definitely terrify you. Goal is to escape the haunted place by finding the mysterious signs. Make sure the enemy doesn’t find and take you with his deadly stare. The only advantage you’ve got playing this game are the easy controls. Simply tap and swipe to move your character or use the multiple joystich control schemes.

Developed by Michael Hegemann for Teotl Studios, Slender Rising is now ready for download from the Google Play Store. iOS already has the ‘Slender Rising 2’ so let’s see how fast Android can get the next version.

I tell you, this is the only Slenderman game you should be playing. You’ve been warned.