Quick! Count how many online accounts you have, including for games, and how many passwords you have for those. Chances are, you’re either using the same password for most, if not all, of those or you’re keeping track of dozens of passwords in your head or on paper. Neither are really secure practices, especially in this day and age of rampant hacking and spying. Using secure passwords and remembering those are no easy tasks, that’s why SplashID offers to remember them all for you so you don’t have to.

At its very core, SplashID is a password management service that securely keeps your passwords and syncs them across devices. Never have to fumble over passwords or notes ever again. Everything is available at your fingertips. You can even opt not to sync at all, letting you use SplashID as a single repository on a single device. You still get the secure password management benefits, with the security worries.

But SplashID does more than keep passwords, it can also keep notes, numbers, and even symbols that you often use but forget how to type. It’s practically the equivalent of a physical notebook you always carry around with you and write your passwords in, just more secure and more modern.

SplashID works with any device known to man, be it Android, iOS, Windows, or anything else as long as it can run the Chrome web browser. For only $24.99, a 75 percent discount from its regular $100 price, you can get a SplashID Pro subscription for the rest of your life. How’s that for a money and brain space saver!

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