Year after year, you would think that people learn their lesson when it comes to using the worst possible passwords. But it looks like a lot still use the same obvious and easily hackable (okay let’s call it stupid) ones, as evidenced by the newest list released by SplashData of the 100 worst passwords that people used this year. The top 5 are the most obvious and still the most used, which makes you wonder whether people really care about their digital security.

The five worst passwords that a lot of people were using are 123456, password, 12345678, qwerty, and 12345. There were those that tried to be “clever” and used 654321, but obviously, that is still pretty hackable. People who are very much concerned with keeping all their information secure will definitely cringe when they see the list which includes “letmein” “iloveyou” and even what is probably their favorite movie, “starwars”.

As most of us probably know, in this day and age where there are pretty sophisticated brute-force hacking tools out there, simple passwords can easily be guessed and if you have sensitive information in your email or app, say goodbye to that. That is why password management apps are pretty important now, especially if you subscribe to a lot of things and sign up for several apps.

And speaking of password management services, SplasData is actually the makers of SplashID password manager and they probably release this list every year to convince people to just sign up for their service. Oh and if you see your password anywhere on that list, make sure you change them ASAP.

SOURCE: SplashData