Spigen Inc Foldable Case

There may be people that will discourage you to buy a foldable phone. This category isn’t exactly stable yet as the foldable devices available in the market still have several issues. We remember asking if foldables are worth it. The answer will always depend on you. Others may say wait for a bit while some may encourage you to get the latest. The foldable smartphone experience is different in many ways. It may not be perfect but it can be fun.

There will always be the issue of durability. If you want the latest, you may consider the Galaxy Z Fold2. The second-generation Galaxy Fold from the South Korean tech giant is very much ready.

Like any premium smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 by Samsung still needs some TLC. You can always hold it very carefully in your hands but it still needs extra protection especially when you need to store or carry it. This is the first time we are featuring a protective phone case for the foldable phone. It’s from Spigen and yes, it really is the first foldable case for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Spigen calls this the Slim Armor Pro. It’s like an armor for the foldable phone that can be delicate and durable at the same time. The accessory is revolutionary as it shows a semi-automatic hinge for a more seamless movement. It is the first unibody case in the world for the Samsung foldable device.

Spigen has worked a total of six months to finalize the hinge of the phone case. It’s tough as it takes after the Tough Armor series. Inside are three slim but protective layers. The dual-layer design comes with an inner layer of impact foam. The Slim Armor Pro is also ready to support wireless charging and PowerShare.


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