“We believe in play”, says Orbotix CEO Paul Berberian. The company, best known for Sphero, their Android controlled ball, is introducing the Sphero 2B. This time, rather than maneuver a little ball around, you’ll get a little more speed and a refreshed form factor.

The new Sphero 2B will also have interchangeable wheels, tires, and hubcaps, making the customization nearly endless — as well as the games. By changing out the tires, we could get a whole new experience. Custom hubcaps would be fun, too. Orbotix is also noting there will be “smart accessories” on launch, though they haven’t disclosed what those will be just yet. The original Sphero came with ramps and a special cover, so something similar can be expected.

The new Sphero 2B will come in black or white, and have a body made of polycarbonate. Orbotix is saying it will travel up to 14 feet per second, and connects via Bluetooth LE up to 30 meters. It charges via a USB cable, and works with both Android and iOS. Orbotix will also make SDKs available for the Sphero 2B.

Unlike the original Sphero, the 2B will come in under $100, according to Orbotix. It will be available worldwide, starting in February 2014. If you’re looking for a faster, more rugged version of Sphero, the 2B is for you. Orbotix will be at CES, and so will we! If you’re excited to find out more, check back here next week, and feel free to check out the Sphero 2B site.