The folks from Ookla have been teasing a brand new version of Speedtest for Android lately, and now we’ve learned it should be arriving on the Google Play Store sometime this week. Nothing beats Speedtest when it comes to checking your mobile or home network speeds, but their UI has struggled to keep up with all the changes and increased sizes of Android devices.

Their current app isn’t what we’d call pretty, and usually any device over 4-inches doesn’t scale properly to their design. As a result you have big black bars or a small app in the middle of your screen. For such a popular and widely used app, it’s pretty surprising, and hopefully that will change with version 3.0 coming soon.

The company has been talking about an improved and redesigned app for Android, and this week they started teasing us by showing it off on Twitter. Following that by saying it will be available for Android this week, and then posting a picture. It sure looks good, but nothing we haven’t already seen on iOS.

The app is shown off on the Nexus 4, which is one of the devices that it has struggled to work correctly with in the past, so that’s a good sign. There’s no details on a tablet UI, but it’ll likely scale to bigger sizes without a problem. We’ll update once it arrives in the Play Store. Which could be today, or later this week.

VIA: Twitter