The virtual reality (VR) bandwagon keeps rolling along, and we can probably say that the technology is more or less mainstream at this point. Speck, purveyors of protective cases for smartphones and tablets, have jumped on the trend with Pocket VR, launched in Las Vegas at CES 2016. With Pocket VR, Speck aims to give you VR capability that you can bring around wherever you go, plus its patented protective casing to boot.

Speck’s Pocket VR is a Google Cardboard certified VR headset/viewer that you can carry around in your bag or pocket (hence the name, duh). Fully expanded, Pocket VR gives you 3D viewing experience within reach. But you’re not always going to be viewing in 3D or VR mode, so the retractable side panels of the viewer fold into a perfectly flat, self-contained package that slides easily into a pocket or bag for on-the-go accessibility.


With or without the viewer, Speck provides your smartphone with the CandyShell Grip case that not only goes along with the Pocket VR viewer, but also gives protection to your device when not using the viewer. We see what you did there, Speck. Well played.


Pocket VR with CandyShell Grip will be available initially around Q2 of 2016, and initially for the Samsung Galaxy S6. We have no information yet if Speck will expand the compatibility after. The Pocket VR viewer and phone case will be sold together USD$69.95.