So I’ve got this new addiction to Live Wallpapers in case you readers haven’t noticed. I’ve been finding a few cool or unique LWP each day and posting them here for everyone else to love and enjoy, and today is no different. Today I found an awesome LWP that is also free. It might not look that great from the screenshots, but on the device it’s actually really nice and my new favorite.

I know many users don’t like live wallpapers because they might hinder performance, or lower battery life. This one is really simple and extremely smooth on the three devices I’ve tried it on. The developer gives plenty of options to help conserve battery life and performance. You can lower the frames per second if your phone can’t handle it (all mine are smooth at stock settings) you can completely customize and adjust the particle count. I added the full 250 and it was pretty crazy but I like it around 125. It works beautifully on my Xoom too.

They slowly spiral on screen and it almost feels like a screensaver but totally awesome to have as your wallpaper. You can change background to any color you prefer as well as even load your own background images. At first I passed this up but once you watch the video and see it in action you’ll go download it as quickly as I did.

Like mentioned this one is completely free so run to the market and download it or just click here. I’ve been using it since about 7 AM this morning on my HTC Sensation and battery seems the same as any other day in case you were wondering about battery usage. Once again this is called Sparkling Particle 3D Live Wallpaper and it’s totally free. Below you can scan or click the QR code to easily download the app. Enjoy!

— Thanks Paul Moody