First and foremost, don’t be deceived by the seemingly simple gameplay of Spacecom because it’s really not. This strategy game will challenge the ultimate strategist out of you in this starfleet command game. It requires you to make smart choices, movements, and even resort to deception to defeat the enemies and achieve victory. You need to focus, devise, and plan real-time tactics and try to learn from the military legends.

You can play on single mode or in multiplayer to test how good you really are. You can play up to five other players or simply try on strategies you can play for future battles. What you really need to have to finish Spacecom are smart tactics and a sound mind. Just make sure you’re not distracted by the cool background sounds. You’ll be impressed and might get carried away because game developer 11 bit studios made sure background music is awesome.

Strategy. Tactics. Speed. Can you be creative in planning? Game mechanics can be complex to some but this can be a great way to show that you are one smart geek. The single player campaign will certainly test your skills as you need to finish different tactical puzzles. In multiplayer mode, you can fight against five players per map.

Game design is minimalist (no pixel art graphics–yes!) while sound has been created to specifically trigger strategic thinking according to the game developer. Game is $3.99 but no more in-app purchases are required. Several languages are supported aside from English: German, French, Russian, and Polish.

Download SPACECOM from the Google Play Store