After more than a year of the unique sci-fi wild west adventure, here comes another one– Space Marshals. It’s a new tactical shooter challenge that will continue the journey of Burton as he goes into the outer space. Our hero has been called to go against the bad elements in the galaxy and it’s up to you to help him as you unravel the mysteries in the story.

In this action adventure game by Pixelbite, you need to work on a tactical combat to avoid attacks or getting flanked. You have a lot of tools to use including those proximity mines, drones, flash bangs, gun turrets, and frag grenades. Go on stealth mode to finish off your enemies. You can even use silenced weapons and surprise the enemies.

Burton will need more weapons and a body armor. Make sure he is ready enough for all the blows and attacks. You can play with a single-handed or two-handed weapon. It’s up to you how you will prepare your load out gear for all 20 missions. You can choose from the many different weapons in this tactical top-down shooter game.

‘Space Marshals 2’ offers dual stick controls plus Gamepad controller support. Save your game progress on the cloud so you can also access from any device.

Download Space Marshals 2 from the Google Play Store