It may not have the most politically correct name (or even the mission itself), but it sure looks like a fun game to play. Space Chicks is an endless platformer that lets you become the hero, not just to the “chicks” but to the world, and all you have to do is use just one finger. Okay, that isn’t as dirty as it sounds, believe us, since really, the game has simple one touch controls.

So the backstory of this game is pretty simple (although a little out of touch with the 21st century if you ask us). Some bad guys took the chicks away, and now it’s up to you to be the hero and get them all back or else the planet will perish (we’re assuming, since how will you create a new generation without women right?). Using space physics, gorgeous visuals, great sci-fi effects, and even fun energetic music, all you need to do is run endlessly after the bad guys and save the chicks. The one touch controls are as easy as pie, but the challenges you face get increasingly more difficult.

You need to complete all the missions given to you, with the help of some fun upgrades and power-ups, like Space Car, Chick Hammer, etc. You can also play with another player on the same device or compete with your other friends or strangers online.

You can download Space Chicks from the Google Play Store for free. There are in-app purchases available, to help you of a tight spot in the game.