We’re to understand that the next step in mobile evolution will be coming soon from no stranger a place than the South Korean government. Officials in South Korea’s ministry have announced today that they’ll be developing their own open-source smartphone operating system to give local smartphone markers “competitiveness”. Competitiveness against what, you may ask? Against foreign smartphone OS makers, apparently, like the evil Android, apparently!

Can we home for something nice like Bada OS? Maybe something completely new? It’s no small task creating a complete mobile operating system and ecosystem surrounding it, though with the support of Samsung AND LG, you never know. The details on how the government and these manufacturers will make this collaboration and what the manner in which the operating system will work is not yet known.

With the webOS operating system in question and the HP TouchPad selling out of stores at word of a $400 discount, we’ve got to wonder how Seoul will possibly have a chance at creating an operating system that has any chance at success. Then again there’s always home-grown love, maybe the citizens of South Korea will embrace the new OS – especially if they’re given it for free? Also, what about importing it to our devices over here in the USA? XDA, I’m sure you’re already investigating.

[via Yonhap News Agency]