If you were hoping that Google would finally jump on the water resistant mobile phone bandwagon with these new upcoming Pixel smartphones, then you can stop holding your breath. It seems that sources are saying that the new Android reference mobile phones from Google will not carry such features, so you can forget your plans of swimming in a pool with these new phones.

Sources say that the new Pixel phones will only receive an IP53 dust and water resistant rating, which for consumers will mean – “don’t get it wet at all costs.” In reality, the rating means that a device will be water resistant if exposed to relatively low pressure water at an upright angle. It means that a little rain would probably not hurt your phone – with “probably” being the operative word here – provided it gets a little wet in the correct upright position.

If the device gets wet while lying flat on a surface, then your Pixel smartphone is probably doomed. Check out the video below of an IPx3 test and see how the device is splashed with water at various angles up to 60 degrees from vertical.

So practically, the advice would still be, don’t get your phone wet. And dust? Well, the IP53 rating will mean that it will be close to impossible for dust to get into the phone system where it will cause damage, so there’s that. But water, it would be best to make sure your snazzy new Pixel phone does not get wet.

VIA: Android Police


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