The wildly popular song search and recognition app SoundHound has received a nice little update this afternoon that should make many users happy. Today the developers have issued a quick update that promises to make searching and song recognition even faster. They’ve also added a few new features and improved on the layout. Now it’s the fastest and best looking song matching app for Android.

While Google might offer their own song search option, SoundHounds competition like Shazam and the newly announced Rhapsody SongMatch don’t offer lockscreen widgets. SoundHound has added support for Android 4.2 Jelly Bean‘s lockscreen widgets. This will enable those diehard music fans to instantly search and recognize a song without even unlocking their phone.

They’ve improved the search speed and results to continue being the fastest and best option available. Lockscreen widget support for Jelly Bean is here, they improved the layout although the changes appear pretty minimal so far, and as usual mention bug fixes. A few older devices with support issues should also be resolved too. According to the comments.

It’s a small update but the new lockscreen widget feature should make plenty of users quite happy. So readers, what’s your favorite music recognition app? Do you use the stock Android option from Google (Google Ears) Shazam, SongMatch, or stick to SoundHound? Let us know in the comments below. Get the all new SoundHound right now from the Play Store.