SoundHound has always been known for its voice technology that can turn sound into an actionable and understandable meaning. The company has introduced numerous voice search and sound recognition services in the past and this time, the Hound finally becomes official and ready for the public. It’s a new voice search and virtual assistant app that that was first released in private beta middle of last year.

Hound is now ready for both Android and iOS. It’s one useful app that allows you to search for information you need in a more natural way–as if you’re talking to a real person. The voice recognition is more advanced than ever so app is also more accurate. More data have been added so the app can have more sources to get the answers from. SoundHound partnered with Uber and Yelp to have quick access to the ride-sharing app and the business listings on Yelp’s database.

Voice search is more than just a trend. It’s becoming popular because of the convenience it provides to the user. Hound also promises speed and accuracy, as well as, the ease of having to “speak naturally and ask follow-up questions to further refine search” as described by SoundHound’s CEO and Founder Keyvan Mohajer. No need to type on small screens because you can just use your voice to speak and search for the things you need to know. The app makes use of the Speech-to-Meaning recognition technology from Houndify, The latter is the voice-enabling platform that works with NVIDIA.

Some of the things you can search for using Hound include the weather and temperature in a given location or time, local restaurants and stores using Yelp, navigation, directions, search, Expedia booking, and Uber. You can also send text messages and make phone calls with just your voice aside from doing web searches and checking the calculator.

Download SoundHound from the Google Play Store

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