During those moments that you hear a song and you don’t know the title or artist, good thing there are apps out there that can help you scratch that musical mental itch. One of the more popular ones out there is SoundHound, and now the sound recognition app has undergone a makeover so as to “deliver the most advanced music search, discovery, and connected streaming experience.” That’s right, you can actually now stream music from the app if you connect it to your favorite streaming service. Plus, it also says it’s the first music recognition app to have a “truly voice-first experience”.

Despite the redesign, SoundHound has, of course, retained the things that its users love about the app like tapping a button to find out what song is playing or humming or singing a certain song line that’s stuck in your hand. But it is now enhanced with new features, like populating your SoundHound Discovery playlist by connecting it to Spotify and unlocking real-time LiveLyrics while you’re listening to the music streaming through the app itself. You can even see where you were when you first heard the song by looking at your Music Map.

Another new thing that the new SoundHound brings is a hands-free voice interaction, the first of its kind to offer voice control. Just by saying “OK Hound” followed by the command or query, you’ll be able to ask what song is playing or tell it to play a specific song or your discovery playlist. You can also ask it to show lyrics or even to ask music trivia. It uses a proprietary voice AI technology to bring you this service.

You can update your SoundHound to the latest version and see all the new goodies that you can enjoy. Or if you haven’t tried the app yet, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: SoundHound