Occasionally when I’m not snagging one the free apps of the day from the Amazon App Store I check out the deals they have running. This week they are offering the popular music tagging service SoundHound Infinity for only $1.99 instead of the usual $4.99 price tag. The blazing fast music recognition capabilities of SoundHound make it a must have application and ever since I got it free from Amazon I’ve never used Shazam.

For those that aren’t familiar with these types of services. Soundhound is the app you’ll need when you hear that cool new song on the radio, the tune to a commercial or in a movie preview, or even that catchy song at the bar and you have no clue who sings it or what the name of the song is. Soundhound will listen for you and find all the details you could ever possibly need on the song. What makes this even better is you can hum or try and sing the song yourself and it still manages to get it right.

What makes SoundHound Infinity so great is you can tag unlimited songs as often as you’d like with no limit. What makes Soundhound better than the rest is all the options once you find the track you were looking for. You can hear other top hits, listen to a preview, share your find, look up lyrics, even buy the song directly from the app with Amazon MP3. I like the YouTube feature as you can quickly check out the music video, or even read the lyrics to the song.

I’m sure you all know plenty about Shazam and Soundhound but I figured I’d give a little recap. I personally love and use SoundHound every few days and highly recommend it. Get it while its hot TODAY over on the Amazon App Store for only $1.99 while the deal lasts, otherwise you’ll be paying the full $4.99 soon. Enjoy!

[via Amazon App Store]