The developer behind the app SoundHound app that we wrote about last in December 2010 has announced a new app for Android users. The new app is called simply Hound and is a voice search app for music. Users of the full version of the SoundHound app on the Android Market have noted in the reviews for Hound that the full version of SoundHound already has voice search. This is apparently aimed at people that don’t want to spend the $4.99 on the full version, but want voice search.

Hound claims to be the app that will help smartphones move from touch screens to voice searching. The app is a free download on the Android Market and on the Amazon Appstore for Android. The app will let you search for millions of songs using song title, artist, and band. You can get song previews, lyrics, and lots of artist information. That artist info includes album lists and the top songs.

Other features of the app include links to Amazon MP3 to buy the tracks, share links, video links, and links to tour dates and more. The app will run on any device with Android 1.5 or higher. The download size is 3.1M and it was added to the Android Market on May 26. If you have used this app let us know how well it works.