The popular music tagging app SoundHound, which answers questions such as, “who sings this song?” has updated their Android app this week with a much requested feature. Today the company has delivered full cloud support, so users can sync and access tracked and tagged music across all their devices.

For those wondering, this has been available on iOS for years, and it is finally arriving for us over here on Android. Music search history, discover libraries and more will all sync to the cloud. Once you make an account of course. From there you’ll be able to sync from device to device.

This means that song you heard in the car can be looked up and downloaded on your Nexus 7 from the couch after work later that night. It also means getting a new phone, or wiping to flash a custom ROM, doesn’t mean you lose the entire history and library of tunes.

At the same time users will be able to download and sync their history to the app on devices with it newly installed. You do have to create an account for the sync features, as expected, but once complete the nearly 170 million users will enjoy full cloud support and sync. Get it from the link below.

VIA: Google Play