Forget Shazam. Have you tried SoundHound yet? I’ve been using it instead of Shazam for well over a year for its top notch user interface, options, lyrics, and outright faster music recognition. Today however they just made their app even better by updating to their all new version 5.0 that brings tons of changes. Below are a few screenshots showing their improved user interface and brand new features.

Hear an awesome song during a commercial or while out at the bar and would love to know who sings it? Just fire up SoundHound and you’ll know everything in seconds – including full lyrics, high res album artwork, links to download and buy it and even share with your friends. This is nothing new but everything about the new SoundHound 5.0 has been improved. The user interface is large, simple, and easy to navigate, and they even offer a full free song daily for users to stream. Take that Shazam!

According to the folks at SoundHound here is what you can expect with the all new version 5.0 that was just released today for Android.

With SoundHound 5.0, music search & discovery is fast, easy, and beautiful
• SoundHound’s famously fast music recognition is now even faster
• Big, beautiful album art and hi-res artist photos throughout the app
• New home screen featuring top artists and tracks
• Cleaner, easier to use interface
• Even more LiveLyrics scrolling in time with music

One new feature that for some reason they’ve not mentioned is Spotify integration. Here a song you like you can simply use SoundHound to figure it out, then share with your Spotify so you can have the full song whenever or wherever you go. The update is available now for both the free and paid version, although we’d recommend getting Infinity because it’s awesome. Enjoy!

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