SoundCloud is a great platform to upload all of your audio creations to, and a lot of people use it to publish their own music and podcasts for the world to listen in on and hopefully gain some popularity. A big chunk of their user base enjoys using the service’s mobile app, and it updated today with some pretty cool new features.

The updated app now includes the ability to edit your audio clips directly inside of the app. You can do things like trim your audio clips, pause and resume recording, and smoothly scrub through an audio clip with just the slide of your finger. The Android app also has an exclusive feature that lets you add fade in/out segments to your recordings.

SoundCloud is becoming an increasingly popular service for audio geeks of all kinds. They currently have around 20 million users, with 5.7 million monthly active users and 730,000 daily active users. That’s a lot of people, not to mention a ton of audio that’s being created and shared on the service.

The updated SoundCloud Android app is available now in the Google Play store as a free download. If audio editing and recording isn’t your thing, SoundCloud still lets you browse and discover new and popular audio creations for your enjoyment.

[via The Verge]