When it comes to Bluetooth headsets there are no shortage of them on the market for users to choose from. If you are the sort of users that likes to have full control over the Bluetooth experience on your Android device, Sound ID may move to the top of your list of choices with a new app it has unveiled.

The new app is called the EarPrint App and it has just been released for Android smartphone. The app allows the Sound ID 510 Bluetooth headset to be personalized in the way the audio sounds. The app allows for A2DP with two devices at once with MultiPoint technology. It also has voice announcement sin English and more.

The app improves the sound clarity for the headset without having to turn up the volume. The app also adds a visual battery indicator for the headset and a find me function that makes it easy to find the headset if you lose it. The 510 is the only headset compatible with the app and sells for $129.99 at AT&T with the app offered free on the Android Market.