The tech giant has been hyping about the Google Assistant since last year. The improved Google Now feature is now a special service that makes a mobile device smarter. It’s more of a personal assistant that takes advantage of everything Google can offer. It has answers to all your questions and can do some tasks for you.

No doubt the Google Assistant will be another important feature on Android devices. Even Android TV and the Google Home smart speaker are getting it. Simply put, it makes any Android device smarter than ever. Unfortunately for tablets, it won’t be supported.

Ouch. That’s heartbreaking for Android tablet owners. We’re confused because Android on tablets and phones are not much different. There may be some differences but tablets are just bigger smartphones, right? The Google Assistant was first made available on Pixel phones and soon other Marshmallow and Nougat devices are able to run it, as made possible by Google Play Services.

Google just said, “The Assistant will be available on Android Marshmallow and Nougat phones with Google Play Services, this does not include tablets.” That was the company’s reply when asked if the feature is coming to tablets and if Google has a timeline. It’s clear. Google Assistant will not be ready for the tablets but only on Google Play Service-enabled Nougat and Marshmallow smartphones. We’re still hoping it will be ready soon.

VIA: Android Police