What sorcery is this? Well, it’s already the Part 4 of inkle’s RPG series on the classic Steve Jackson gamebook. ‘Sorcery!’ games have been downloaded over 1.5 million times already and this new game will certainly add more to the number. For fans of such epic games, you’ll be happy to know that this one still boasts of inkle’s very own storytelling engine. Every gameplay is unique and personalized that you will never know what to expect. You think you’ve gone through a chapter but you will still be surprised about what you’ll discover.

Every action in every chapter will have a corresponding consequence in the next part and even go over into the finale. The Part 4 concludes the series after almost three years of expanding the stories. This one also boasts of stunning illustrations and creative storytelling that will challenge your imagination. As with other Sorcery! games, this one features new elements and very tense turn-based battles.

Part 4 brings together all the heroes, challenges, and the open world format from Sorcery! 3 featured in the past games. This one comes with hand-drawn illustrations and 3D buildings, full tutorial, and new magical traps. You can don on disguises so you are free to go around without being noticed.

If need may be, you can befriend other characters, seduce, manipulate, or betray them. It’s really up to you how you will go on with the game and finish it because you have the power to control everything in this epic adventure game.

Download Sorcery 4 from the Google Play Store. Available for $4.99 with no in-app purchases.