Few stories are met with confusion or concern here at Android Community, but this is one of them. Sony is releasing several new arms for their QX lenses, which doesn’t sound terrible, but keep reading. The original was meant specifically for smartphones, even latching onto their larger Xperia Z1. Sony realizes that mobile devices come in various sizes, and has acted accordingly.

The new arms for their duo of QX lenses will be on offer in Japan from April. The six new arms are said to be offered from about $36 or so, with the largest trumping the original offering by a wide margin. The original arm could support devices of up to 75mm in width. The largest of the new crop? 190mm.

So why are we concerned? This gives tablet photographers a reason to keep taking pictures with their devices. The largest arm can accommodate Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra, which is already confused as to what it really wants to be. Tablet photography is already silly, and judging by the pics above, the QX Lens isn’t helping matters.

Sadly, it also allows attachment to devices like the Nexus 7, which is 114mm wide. We’ll begrudgingly accept the Xperia Z Ultra into the fold, but only because it has cellular connectivity and can make calls. If we see anyone with a tablet and QX Lens in the wild, be sure that we’ll scorn them with cross looks and shameful murmurs.
VIA: Xperia Blog