Sony’s QX lenses were a breath of fresh air for mobile photography. The duo showed us that great still images can be captured via mobile, with the help of some better hardware. Attaching them to a device was always a bit cumbersome, so Sony has released a few cases for their Xperia Z Ultra handset, meant to make the process much easier.

It’s great news for those who have the phone, which is pretty tough to get hold of in the US. None of the four major carriers note it on their websites, and T-Mobile is the only one which has a Sony phone at all (the Xperia Z). Though troublesome to get hold of, the device is pretty great — if you like a 6.44-inch screen size on your smartphone.

The case, like the phone, currently enjoys limited availability. It’s been rolled out to Hong Kong first, with other geographies likely to follow. Pricing is about $30, which isn’t terrible. The $700 phone and $500 lenses, though — that’s where they get you.

The case looks sleek enough to use when not attached to the lens, too. It’s got a pretty shallow ridge on the back, centered to make handling the phone/lens ensemble easier. It’s made of a harder plastic, and of course branded by Sony. With a gigantic phone and lenses, you’ll either have the best viewfinder on earth, or the most awkward camera ever… we’re still not sure which.