Sony has unveiled its 2021 lineup for its Bravia XR TVs ahead of the CES online event happening next week. There are a lot of new features announced like Cognitive ProcessorXR, full HDMI 2.1 support, etc. But one of the major things that they have included in their announcement is that all of their smart TVs moving forward will be adopting the newly-introduced Google TV interface. They become the first non-Chromecast devices that will be using the new branding and interface that was initially launched with the newest Chromecast.

There isn’t really much difference between Android TV and Google TV. Aside from the branding itself, it also has a new interface with recommendation and content aggregation features taking center stage. This means shows and movies are presented for you based on your viewing history but instead of per service, you’ll see a row that mixes them all up. So you’ll get content from Netflix, YouTube TV, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, etc, as long as you’re subscribed and it’s connected to your Google TV account.

Aside from getting the Google TV interface, the new Bravia XR lineup has a lot of new things for those looking to upgrade their Smart TVs, 9 to 5 Google shares. It has a new “Cognitive Processor XR” that is able to analyze the content on your screen so it can adjust the picture quality as well as the sound quality from the built-in speakers. Some of the models can also now adjust the color temperature based on ambient light so it can fit better in your room.

The Bravia XR 2021 smart TVs will now all support full HDMI 2.1 so your connected devices can enjoy the 4K/120Hz quality, variable refresh rate, and an auto-low latency mode. There are also some improvements to some of the versions like adjustable legs and an anti-reflective coating on the more expensive models. Different sizes will be available for the various models including Z9J Master Series 8K (full-array LCD), A90J Master Series 4K (OLED), A80J 4K (OLED), X95J 4K (full-array LCD), and X90J 4K (full-array LCD).

You can check out the details per model in their official announcement. Pricing and availability will be announced in the spring.


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