There are a lot of wearable devices and apps that can help you stay healthy by keeping track of your fitness activities and even give you tips on how many steps to take or calories to burn in order to reach your goal. But exercise is only one part of the equation. The other part is to have healthy eating habits. And for that, there are only a few apps that can help you make healthier choices. Sony is bringing one to the market where it can help you and all you need to do is take a picture of your food.

Well, we already take a lot of pictures of what we eat anyways, so what’s one more to actually help you lose weight or just keep healthy (well, if you follow the app’s advice, that is). The new service, part of Sony’s continued foray into the Internet of Things, uses Sony’s proprietary Meal Image Analysis software to get an in-depth analysis of your food. It will offer you advise based on its deep learning strategy, which includes your previous logs, personal goals, etc.

The initial launch of this tech will be in Japan and is actually part of a new solution called Work Performance Plus. Sony Mobile wants to work with several companies in helping their companies stay fit and healthy, as we all know office life is one of the worst culprits for cultivating an unhealthy lifestyle. Hopefully, it will be successful in Japan, therefore triggering a rollout to other markets.

Meanwhile, if it’s your other activities you want monitored, Sony has the excellent Lifelog app to help you keep track of all your activities. Sony is also offering food photography tips if you’re more concerned with what your photos look like than what they actually contain.