The only time we remember Sony venturing into the health and fitness tracking business was when the Meal Image Analysis software was launched last year. We’ve been waiting for a new smartwatch focused on staying fit and healthy but nothing yet since the SmartWatch 3 which is already a very old model. This time around, Sony wants you to “get healthy” by introducing a Connected Workout Experience. This comes with the
Connected Gym mobile app for Android now on the Google Play Store but still unreleased for the public.

Sony has already developed its own website although we don’t think it’s ready for all. The idea of this experience is that it can automatically log your gym workout in real time. This is just a concept but we like the idea of a phone being connected to a gym machine. Well, we’re not just sure how that will encourage a person to really work out but there’s something special or high tech about “connecting” a gadget to another device. But then again, there’s something more high-tech than that: going wireless.

The Connected Gym app lets you track your activities and exercises and count the sets and the reps digitally. It knows your activities as long as you set it up first on the app. The Connected Gym app can track and show your progress. View your statistics and learn from a personal trainer–the app itself.

If you think you can’t get yourself to do your exercises, check out the available workouts in the app.

Download Connected Gym from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Connected