The two newest Google Play edition devices are getting an update. The update is bringing them from Android 4.4 to 4.4.2 and while it was nice to see the update so quickly on the LG G Pad 8.3 tablet, it seems those carrying a Sony Z Ultra may find it a bit nicer. You see, not only is this update bumping your version of Android on the Z Ultra, but it is also taking care of the recently discovered bugs.

Unlike the relatively small download for the LG G Pad tablet update, the file size for the Sony Z Ultra is much larger. This one measures in at just about 450MB in size. Specifically, 444.1MB. Simply put, this is an update you will likely want to grab using a WiFi connection — especially if you happen to be using the handset with a limited data plan.

Along with the handset going to 4.4.2, you will also notice the build number will end at KOT49H after the update is in place. More important here though — this update does take care of those bugs. The bugs included not being able to access the security settings and not being able to uninstall any applications. As we mentioned yesterday, it was a bit surprising to see the handset arrive with either of these.

And while we have yet to see how many users were affected, we were able to confirm both on the review unit we have sitting in the office. As we often see with these types of updates, this one is rolling out over-the-air. We suspect all Sony Z Ultra users will want it now, but the update may, or may not be ready for your device just yet. Bottom line here, keep an eye out for the update notification or dive into the settings to go looking.


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